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How & Where To Apply Blush

Q.Where do you put blusher?  (From Stacey, Gold Coast)

A.Thanks for the question Stacey! This is a question that is rarely asked, yet most people are actually applying incorrectly!

Most people are of the understanding that blusher goes in 1 (or both) of 2 places:

  1. On the cheeks (think ‘clown’ with the two red circles) and/or;
  2. On the cheekbone

lrg-blushWhile not completely incorrect, not quite right either. I highly recommend that people purchase at least 2 to 4 shades of blush.  Yes, that’s correct, there are no typos – 2 to 4 shades.  Sounds crazy, but I promise there is a method to my madness.

Most peoples’ skin colour changes somewhat over the course of a year – usually a little darker throughout the warmer months and a little lighter throughout the cooler months.  Your make-up should also change with the seasons accordingly.  This means you need a slightly brown/tawny colour for shading, perhaps also a bronzer (can be a little shimmery if you wish), and 2 colours – 1 pinky tone and 1 more neutral apricot, light tan colour.  Pink is healthy, fresh and radiant.  Apricot/Tan is natural and also goes with more neutral or red-based colours.

Application should be as follows:

  1. Light brown/tawn colour UNDER the cheekbone.  NOT ON cheekbone.  By placing dark colour UNDER the cheekbone, you actually hollow it out further which is precisely the look you are trying to achieve.  If you can’t see your cheekbone, use your fingers to feel for it, or do the ‘supermodel suck’ face and suck in your cheeks to see the bones and lines. If you need to make darker, either build up the colour , use a darker colour blush or a bronzer if it is dark.
  2. Pink or apricot colour on the apples of the cheeks.  That does not mean to just paint a big circle.  If you are not sure where this is, smile, then put the colour where your cheeks are pronounced or puff out.  Start light and go gently, as you can always build up colour.  Put too much on, and you look like you either spent too much time in the sun, or you have a weekend job at Sideshow Alley!
  3. You can always use a LIGHT dusting of your bronzer then ‘wherever the sun or light would hit’ - that generally means around the temples, tip of the nose, tip of the chin etc.  Once again, please don’t be heavy-handed, as this can result in your skin looking ‘dirty’ or just plain messy!

Hope this helps! Please get back to us with any other questions.



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