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My Mantra : To 'Glow'... NOT 'Glitter'!

My Mantra:  To ‘Glow’… NOT ‘Glitter’!

Ladies, now don’t get me wrong…  I am also partial to that magical ‘sparkle’ stuff too!  We all love a bit of ‘bling’ – however, there is a time and a place…  And sadly, it is NOT on our face!

lrg-glowWhile we all aspire to have that radiant, healthy, youthful glow, I must admit I have seen many a case of, to put it bluntly ‘total overkill’ – and have been traumatized by visions of women with faces more blinding under fluoro lighting than a disco ball! Don’t be disheartened though – that illuminated complexion is certainly achievable – however you must use the right products and a suitable technique (ie. Less is more!)

For a start, glitter (a definite ‘no go’), frosted products and a wide range of mineral cosmetics are not suitable for photography.  This is due to their high metallic pigment (usually with a mica or zinc base) and therefore they tend to ‘flare’ or ‘blur out’ with a flash or under certain lighting.  You may have experienced this first-hand when you’ve seen photographs of yourself and realized your face appears really ‘white’ or ‘flat’ in comparison to the rest of your body.  This simply occurs when a highly metallic pigment reflects too much light. In this case, should you know you are going to be photographed, however are still after that ‘dewy’ luminous look, try adopting a different approach as follows:

I recommend using a relatively ‘matte’ foundation (either liquid, or cream) and lightly powder over the top (with a ‘matte’powder’).  You are then free to use a slightly ‘shimmery’ blush to highlight radiant cheeks (a shimmery pink over the apples of the cheeks looks beautiful), use a bronzer to shade just under your cheekbones and in your temple area (adds a little warmth and some ‘I’ve-just-been-on-holidays-in-the-Bahamas-glimmer’!) and a mix of both matte (shadow shade) and shimmery (highlight shade) shadows on your eyes.  This will enhance the eyes and make them ‘sparkle’!

If you still want to up the anti a little, you can use either an illuminating/shimmer cream or powder just above your cheekbones, across the top outer corner of the brow bone (just under your eye brow) and a little (emphasis on word ‘little’!) down the bridge of your nose.  I recommend using a neutral or flesh coloured tone. DO NOT use a white or super light colour, as will stand out dramatically.

I can guarantee you will be amazed with the result.  This application ensures you have just the right amount of ‘glow’ to look amazing, and just naturally gorgeous!

So ladies – get glowing!



"A big thank you for doing our hair & make-up on my wedding day. Our hair & make-up was just beautiful & everyone commented on how gorgeous it looked." - Kristie

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